Fishing for Discounted Tickets this Season? 

Bring your family aboard the Sea Dragon during June, July, or August and get the following discounted tickets for your Fishing Adventure! 


 The Early Bird Special:

Monday through Thursday receive $2.00 off each ticket ($22.00 each) when you book our 9:15am trip. The perfect way to get the family out the door and on the move! The early anglers get the fish!

Wednesday Night races.jpg

Wednesday Night Races:

Wednesday nights receive $2.00 off each ticket ($22 each) when you book our 4:00pm trip. Watch as the Annapolis sailboat teams head out of the harbor to compete in this annual tournament! Catch some fish and enjoy the view!

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The Shellfish (Full Boat Discount):

Monday through Thursday receive 10% off when you book a full boat to yourself! Book the whole boat to yourself or bring up to 18 young/seasoned anglers to share your adventure with!