Girl & Boy Scout Expedition

Weekend Rate: $375.00

Weekday (Monday-Friday): Discounted Rates Offered

Email or call for discounted pricing (410) 279-8325.

Capacity: 18 Total

Our interactive Fishing & Crabbing adventure is the perfect outdoor themed expedition for your Scout Troop! While your scouts learns how to fish and crab, they will also learn the importance of preserving and restoring the Chesapeake Bay. As well as how the right equipment, knowledge, and little bit of luck is used throughout every fishing & crabbing experience. Through fishing & crabbing, children of all ages learn the importance of being Patient and Persistent. Patience comes naturally when you learn how to fish, persistence comes from hard work and the effort to come back and try again!

We believe that Scout Groups across America work hard at building a solid foundation for children to become confident, courageous, honest, and resourceful. Here at Family Fishing Adventures we believe all Scouts will learn something new during this unique hands on Adventure!

We have years of experience working with Scout Troops . If you have additional capacity needs, we offer back to back boat rentals giving you double the capacity at a lower price per ticket. One trip can visit the Annapolis Maritime Museum a few blocks away while the other group is out on our adventures. Or one group can have lunch at a local playground or our picnic tables while the other group is out. 

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