Family Fishing Adventures

Full Boat Packages

Looking for a perfect place to host your child’s next Birthday Party, Scout Expedition, or Field Trip? At Family Fishing Adventures we turn your child into a fishing explorer right before your eyes!

Special group rates are available for Birthday Parties, Field Trips & Summer Camps, and Girl & Boy Scout Expeditions.

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Birthday Parties: $375.00

Capacity: 18 Total

Climb aboard the Sea Dragon for our nature themed birthday party! Let the captain and crew lead your young anglers on a hands on adventure in search of sea creatures. Our 1.5 hour adventure will include catch and release fishing, hauling up crab traps,  learning about oysters, all while discovering the local marine life. Enjoy our interactive fishing & crabbing adventure with the whole boat to yourself when you book a private birthday party. You are welcome to bring your own cooler full of drinks, juice, and snacks for this private party! 

Discount: $57.00 (18 tickets X $24=$432) $432-$375=$57.00 Discount. 

We have years of experience organizing birthday parties and can help customize the trip to fit your unique group. Call us anytime with questions, 410-279-8325. If you are ready to book click the button below! 

Pizza Party: After your adventure on the Sea Dragon you can host a Pizza Party at our location. Our customers get access to picnic tables and our local pizza place, Rocco's Pizza, delivers. If there is rain or foul weather you can host a indoor Pizza Party 1 mile away at Sammy's Italian Pizza. 

Girl & Boy Scout Expedition: Call for discounted pricing (410) 279-8325.

Capacity: 18 Total

Our interactive Fishing & Crabbing adventure is the perfect outdoor themed expedition for your Scout Troop! While your scout learns how to fish and crab, they will learn how the role of mother nature, the right equipment, knowledge, and little bit of luck is used throughout every fishing & crabbing experience. Through fishing & crabbing, children of all ages learn the importance of being Patient and Persistent. Patience comes naturally when you learn how to fish, persistence comes from hard work and the effort to come back and try again! We believe the Scout Groups across America work hard at building a solid foundation for children to become confident, courageous, honest, and resourceful. Here at Family Fishing Adventures we believe all Scouts will learn something new during this unique Adventure!

All Scout’s will receive a Fishing & Crabbing participation patch when they return to the dock with their newly discovered skills!



Summer Camps & Field Trips: Call for discounted pricing (410) 279-8325.

As much fun as Fishing & Crabbing can be on its own, the enjoyment of this sport can also be used as a tool to teach children the importance of teamwork, patience, persistence and being resourceful.  Kids will learn how the right equipment, knowledge, and a little bit of luck from mother nature is used throughout every fishing & crabbing experience.  Our dedicated Captain and Crew will ensure everyone on board is having a great time while teaching these valuable skills throughout the entire adventure.

Here at Family Fishing Adventures our dedicated Captain and Crew will help plan your next field trip! With over 10 years of experience hosting field trips for summer camps, elementary schools, and middle schools we understand the process of coordinating and executing each field trip. We will customize your trip to fit your needs and make it as easy as possible for your organization throughout the entire process.

Give us a call at 410-279-8325 to get started!